Your Personal Style

In literature, writing style generally is the way of expressing idea in literary language characteristic of a particular person, time, country, or genre. Some literary styles are formal, where all the ideas are presented in a prescribed order and degree of separation, while others allow a certain degree of freedom in expressing the same ideas. A common formal kind of literary style is the ‘enserfere’ style, characterized by the central plot of the story developing around a single central character who does most of the talking in the text. The term ‘enserfere’ itself comes from the French word ‘ensere’ meaning ‘to stretch out’. The most common type ofenser in English literature is the classic, which we usually refer to as the Victorian or Georgian styles.


Classic Literature represents the oldest form of literary writing, predating all the different styles that are developed until now. The main difference between classic literature and other forms of literary writing is the abundance of words employed in it, and also the number of characters who participate in the telling of the story. A classic story may have hundreds or even thousands of characters, all speaking different languages and using different strategies to express their thoughts. All these elements contribute to the richness of classic literature.

In modern literature, as opposed to classic literature, the story is told using only one character, with all the other characters being added later on. Such forms of modern literature as science fiction or fantasy, action/adventure, mystery, thriller, and comedy are examples of the different styles. Modern writers need to pay more attention to the exact type of language used, in order to produce interesting plots and characters. The goal of the modern writer is not only to entertain the reader but also to contribute something significant and meaningful to our world.

Fashion is another very important aspect of personal style, because everyone loves to dress up. The term “fashionable” is usually used to define clothes that can be worn for a particular occasion, without being inappropriate. In terms of the inner style, most people prefer to dress according to their own inner style, so that they do not have to dress in a completely unisex way if they feel like doing something differently. Everyone loves to look good and wants to fit in, so this is a major influence for personal style.

Costume is a term used to describe a certain type of fashion. For example, if you are thinking of dressing up as a medieval princess, then this is not your “personal style”, but the costume of someone else. Everyone likes to be unique and different, but at times this uniqueness can cause problems. If you want to be a little red riding hood in your own little sense, but do not want to go out dressed as a medieval princess, then you will have to choose a different style.

Finally, one of the reasons for the popularity of so many different styles is the freedom of choice. Everyone can choose to be whatever they want to be and no one has to stick to anyone else’s rules. Therefore, it is extremely popular amongst teenagers, young adults and even adults. It is great fun mixing and matching and finding your own style!