Using Styles in Microsoft Word

A style sheet is a document that instructs Word to do something when it reads a file. A style is basically the name given to an actual set of formatting features. A style is actually a collection of formats which are applied all at once, often together, and given a specific name. There are different styles that are supported by Microsoft Word. These include the normal, general, or visual appearance styles.


Normal themes are the most widely used. They are also the default settings. General styles let you control the visual aspect and color of the text and the fonts. Visual appearance styles let you specify the style and color of the text as well as the visual aspect.

You have two options for writing on a Word document. First, you can choose to use all the available styles or, if you want to emphasize certain aspects, you can use one or a combination of the special effects or theme styles. The most commonly used styles are the normal or universal styles, which make the majority of changes in the entire document possible. You can switch from normal to visual or from visual to tone by using the switches under the File tab.

In addition to the built-in styles there are other formatting features available in Word. For example, you can select the Style menu to change the style used in the Ink toolbar, the Font family selection in the Format toolbar, and you can change your document properties in the Edit tab. In addition, you can preview the changes you intend to make in the Window tab before making the actual changes.

To use a new style, click on the ” Styles” icon in the Window menu. This will open the Style dialog box. In the Style dialog box, you can see a variety of options, including the Effects and Language option. Here you can choose the type of styling you would like to use, and click OK to apply the new style.

If your document needs to display a variety of fonts and sizes, or if the texts in your documents need to be formatted differently than their content, you can use a theme. A theme is simply a collection of fonts, styles, and color schemes. You can use a single theme or create multiple theme sets, each containing different styles. A text color can be changed or added to various theme sets, and the color of the text background can be changed in the Style tab. Text and background color can even be combined to create richer, more exciting style sets.