The Many Different Styles of Writing


The Many Different Styles of Writing

In literature, writing style most commonly is the mode of expressing ideas in literary language characteristic of a person, time, country, or school. A writer may follow any of the available styles and develop his/her own style. However, note that there are three main and simple styles in literature: classic, contemporary, and poetic.

Classic mode is characterized by clear and powerful expression with fewer embellishments. This style belongs to literature which has strong emphasis on the narration, plot, and characters. Character of this kind of literary work is typical, clear, and realistic. Writers of this kind of literature use strong and lively language to depict themes and situations. For instance, in the works of William Shakespeare, there are several themes such as love, marriage,ivalry, sorrow, and betrayal. Similarly, in the works of Henry van der Goesen and Hans Christian Andersen, the theme is love, friendship, longing, and passion.

In addition to these, there are other styles which vary in their word choice and structure. Masnawi or simple writing style is characterized by short words and few numbers of syllables. The second style, which is known as reflective or idiomatic style, is associated with the philosophical schools of China and India. This style includes a number of metaphors and similes. The third and most popular style, called epicurean style, is characterized by its vivid descriptions of the scenes and people.

In addition, there are several types of writing styles including creative writing, fantasy, science fiction, and others. Creative writing is a form of writing which utilizes imagination to generate ideas, while fantasy is a type of creative writing that utilizes mythology, religion, and dream images. Fantasy genres include such famous works as those of Rumi, aatmani, and shintaro. Sometime it requires deep thinking and complex language to write fiction, while others prefer to keep it simple.

While the main idea of knowing the different styles is to know how to use them, it is also important to remember that all these styles have their own distinctive features. For example, while all the above mentioned categories include the use of metaphor and simile, not all of them do. For instance, in science fiction, there is the use of paradox and dream images; while in creative writing, a writer may take a simple story and give it a twist or a subplot involving time travel. The basic difference between the above mentioned styles is the word choice and the structure of the piece.

Writing is a difficult task because one author’s style may be greatly different from another authors’. However, despite this, there are some similarities between the many different styles as listed above. Many authors, who do not have any formal training in writing, tend to experiment with many different styles until they hit upon one that works. If you would like to learn how to write, it will be worth your while to read as many books on the topic as possible. If you find a style that strikes chords with you, then you should stick with it for as long as possible. Your readers will appreciate the effort that you have put into writing something interesting.