Fashion Show Trends

Fashion is a general term for clothing, shoes, jewelry, makeup and accessories at a given time and place and at a given context. The word also denotes a style defined by the fashion business as what is currently fashionable. It also implies that it is an accepted style, an attitude, and even a norm. A person who is considered fashionable may be associated with someone with similar attitudes, or even a person with the same clothing, shoes, accessories, hair style, etc.


The word “fashion” derives from two words: “culture” and “commerce.” The term culture refers to the overall accepted styles in which people dress. In commerce, on the other hand, we refer to the businesses involved in selling fashion items. There are stores, boutiques, designers’ spaces, and so on. All these businesses bring about the movement of culture.

The fashion world can be divided into several categories: high fashion world, specialized fashion world, casual fashion world, jewelry fashion, and women’s fashion. High fashion is the area of clothes and accessories that are considered highly fashionable by the majority of the people. Specialized fashion is the area of clothes and accessories produced by a small group of people, generally men, that are famous for their outstanding taste and style. Casual fashion is the area of clothes and accessories worn by young people for casual occasions. Jewelry fashion refers to all these areas and more.

Fashion trends are determined by a number of things: society, history, economics, psychology, and individual choices. Society, for example, determines what is stylish, what is popular, and what is fashionable to a large extent. History and economics drive fashion trends, because current commodities are compared to similar commodities in the past.

Individual choices also have a great role to play in fashion trends. The choice of which clothes to wear depends on one’s own personal preferences. Clothing represents one’s personality, and it can either complement or contrast with one’s personality. The choice of clothes may also depend on the type of work one does, whether one is a housewife or a corporate executive, etc.

Even though we see that the fashion world has changed considerably over the years, there are certain essentials that will always remain unchanged. It is important to keep yourself updated with current fashion trends in order to wear clothes that suit you well. If you are a man, your wardrobe should consist of shirts, trousers, slacks, jeans, jackets, and even cardigans. Women’s fashion mainly concerns themselves with dresses and tops, while children’s fashion mainly includes toys, shoes, and school clothes.