Does Beauty Mean Different Things to Different People?

Beauty is often described as the subjective view of beautiful objects which makes these objects enjoyable to perceive. These objects may include sunsets, landscapes, humans and creative works of art. Beauty, along with personal taste and aesthetics, is the most important theme of aesthetics, among the major branches of psychology. It is used in various contexts in contemporary life including advertising, art education, culture and architecture. It can be defined as the proportionate evaluation of the appearance of things or other things in their natural surroundings.


According to the popular concept of beauty, human beauty has been defined by several philosophers throughout history. The word beauty is derived from the Greek word meaning beauty. Some philosophers regarded human beauty as the standard of aesthetic value. Others believed that beauty is a relative concept, based on human preferences and classifications.

During the middle ages, the concept of beauty varied across Europe. One could find in some area’s beauty in clothes, in architecture and in nature. However, the concept of beauty was still linked to notions of virtue and religion. The concept of beauty in the middle ages did not refer to physical attributes, but to human qualities such as intelligence, kindness and social responsibility.

During the Middle Ages, beauty standards were still based on physical attractiveness. A well-groomed and beautiful woman was held in high esteem since she had the ability to produce children while being unattached to her husband. To some extent, this is what led to the concept of beauty being associated with religious virtue.

Modern individuals are more attached to the feeling of beauty that they associate with the concept of beauty. They also use different kinds of beauty standards according to their personality, such as tall and slim or fair and sexy. However, for most people, physical beauty is not important. Being beautiful is only important if you feel beautiful!

Some would say that the importance of beauty standards in the western countries have to do with the values of self-worth and the ability to obtain a certain type of status. However, most people from Europe are more attached to their own sense of personal beauty. For them, beauty standards are important because they give meaning to one’s life. More importantly, they are what allowed them to experience the feeling of beauty.

Most people consider Barbie a beautiful role model. Aside from her cute appearance, she is perceived as beautiful by all. As an example, when Mattel came out with a commercial for their new Barbie game, most people saw the commercial and thought that Barbie was playing a game, which is why she looked so physically perfect. The idea of beauty associated with these games, as well as the beauty standards associated with them, came from western culture. Thus, it can be said that western cultures are more behind the beauty standards than are the eastern ones.

Beauty is not a specific definition, but it certainly means different things to different people. Some may think that physical beauty is the most important thing that a person looks at. Other people would define beauty in a different way.