Creative Writing Styles and Disambiguation

Fashion is the leading cultural trend in a given society at a particular time. Fashion usually refers to new fashions: It includes popular modes of dressing during a particular time period. The fashion industry also deals with current styles of the past. Many designers work for different fashion houses, coming up with their own ideas and creations.


There is a general view that there are four main styles in fashion which include British, American, European and French styles. However, according to some researchers, there may be as many as twenty styles. Each of these styles has its own characteristic mode of dressing. The commonest among these four styles is the grand style. The grand style is characterized by the grand proportions, the opulence, the classical elegance and the simplicity.

A style guide can provide an idea of the main fashion trends. This article gives an example of a style guide. This style guide can help you in knowing the significance of every letter in a word. It explains the various ways in which each letter can be written. Also, it tells about famous authors and celebrities who may have adopted the fashion.

It shows the significance of word choice. It is one of the main factors that influence a writing style. Creative writers make use of several words and phrases in their work to show their ideas. For instance, an essay may start with an introduction sentence and end with a couplet; each of these sentences may follow a different writing style. A creative writer cannot let his or her mind wander in this manner and stick to a single type of writing.

In addition, there are various styles or types of fashion. A novel should be written according to the style of literature that it was written for. Novels about fashion, television shows, movies, and music are among the types of literature that need to follow a particular fashion. A novel might also contain a disambiguation, which occurs when the author reverses the direction of the flow of events.

A disambiguation appears most often in poetry. In such cases, the author has introduced two or more characters in one paragraph, without divulging who they are or why they are there. As the story progresses, readers will understand the characters’ identities, but they will not necessarily understand how or why they were introduced into the story. A combination of different styles of writing is one of the major factors that influence a literature’s popularity and readership.