Beauty – For the beholder

Beauty is often described as the aesthetic quality of things which makes these things aesthetically pleasing to see. These things can include sunsets, landscapes, humans and beautiful works of art. Beauty, with art and beauty, is perhaps the most important and central theme of aesthetic, one of the most important branches of modern philosophy. As such, it is easy to see why many people choose to make their homes more aesthetically pleasing in an attempt to create beauty within their own environment.

We all have an inherent desire to be beautiful and to feel beautiful. Everyone wants to look their best and have others compliment their looks. We also want others to feel how beautiful we are and we want to be noticed for our beauty. When we do not feel beautiful, we often do not feel appreciated in return. When we do feel beautiful, we also often try to be more beautiful in order to impress others. The constant quest for beauty leads to constant judgment of ourselves and others.

So, what is beauty anyway? To some people, beauty is skin deep and is something that can be seen and judged. For the most part, however, beauty is something that can only be experienced. When a person looks in the mirror and sees their reflection, that person begins to feel more beautiful than if they simply looked in the mirror. This is the subjective definition of beauty, which is one of the many definitions that are given by the beholder.

Beauty, to the beholder, can only be seen, not heard. The beauty of one person may not be the beauty of another. While beauty is often subjective, it is a universal idea. A beauty standard, even if it is a subjective standard, would still allow for the existence of beauty because all beauty standards are based on the self-observation of the beholder.

Beauty, for the beholder, is not just skin deep but encompasses the entire being. It is not just hair and skin; although those things are very important parts of beauty. Beauty encompasses our bodies as well as our minds, spirit, and relationships with others. The beauty found in others is also beauty for themselves; and when we accept and love ourselves, we will eventually accept and love others as well.

Beauty, as defined by the beholder, must be permanent. When one grows old, their perspective of beauty will change, depending upon the societal beauty standards that they have set for themselves. In today’s society, there are numerous beauty standards for an individual to live by. If an individual were to choose beauty, it would have to be in accordance with their current societal beauty standard. Their self-image would be directly associated with that beauty. Because of this, it is difficult for an individual to change their beauty standards no matter how much they really wish to.