About Dior

Fashion is a way of self-expression and individuality at a certain time and location and in a given context, of clothes, footwear, life style, makeup, hair style, accessories and body posture. The word also means a style defined by the fashion industry when what is trendy is what is in. For example, shoes for kids are different from those for adults. What may be trendy for one kid may be out of vogue for another.


One of the most influential and famous fashion designers of all time was Dior designer Christian Dior. She revolutionized women’s haute couture with unique and provocative designs that were often controversial and political in nature. Christian Dior was born in France and grew up in Brussels, where he became interested in creating works of art with his illustrator father. His interests included drawing and painting but he was also interested in art, architecture, clothing and design. He studied art in Brussels before getting a career in designing clothing for women and then Dior separates, after leaving school, in 1947.

Dior was one of the first designers to use complex color combinations, bold prints, and cutting edge cuts. She combined fabrics and metals in inventive and new ways. Dior broke the mold with unusual colors and patterns that were not usual in fashion at the time. She was also innovative in her thinking and used unusual materials and cuts to create her clothing.

Dior was ahead of the fashion trend when she introduced the two piece bathing suit. After that she introduced full skirts in different shapes and cuts. She was very innovative in combining different looks and styles into one look. Celebrities who have worn Dior include Catherine Zeta-Jones, Avril Lavigne, Jane Fonda, Mariah Carey, Tina Fey, Halle Berry, Nicole Richie, Christoph Schwimmer, Kate Hudson, and Celine Dion. Her designs stand up to the test of time, as she was able to keep the styles classic and contemporary.

Although fashion is a part of every woman’s life, celebrities choose to wear fashion to make a statement. When they go out to a dinner party or a club, they want to stand out from the crowd. Fashion has become an important part of what makes a celebrity feel like a real woman. Some celebrities like to change their look frequently, such as Halle Berry who likes to switch her looks often. Other celebrities go more slowly when it comes to changing their fashion but it shows that they are serious about their careers.

Fashion trends come and go and the world of fashion changes often. There is always something new to learn. You just need to keep looking. Fashion trends come and go and you will never know what will be popular next.